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What is TAPU?

In accordance with the law of the Republic of Turkey TAPU is the only document that proves the ownership right of purchased property object. All the information of your interest regarding the purchasing property (all the previous owners, existing debts and legal prosecutions etc.) you can get from the Land administration that keeps and distributes TAPU to the clients.

TAPU contains such information as type, address of the property, date of purchase (in order to issue a new TAPU), equity of the share landed property, value of the property object (the stated amount is utilized when calculating annual property tax and is paid by the government upon the happening of an insured event. This amount is much less than the actual value of the buying property, which is very profitable when paying tax but it reduces the state insurance payments.

1. Address of the land where the property object is located.

2. 2 Passport sized photographs.

3. Information regarding the land registration in the land department.

4. Land condition (according to the land department information).

5. New owner’s land area (in proportion to the size of the purchased property).

6. Condition of the property that belongs to the new owner (property type).

7. Purchased property value.

8. Information about the previous owner.

9. Information about the new owner.

10. The date of the property purchase by the previous owner.

11. TAPU Number given through the registration process of the previous owner (Changes have to be made in case of every ownership transfer).

12. The New TAPU registration data.

13. The date of the property purchase by the new owner.

14. An authorized person’s signature and the land department seal.