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According to the law enacted in March 2007 in Turkey the expatriates have the rights to take a mortgage loan in Turkish banks. Rates, terms, and conditions of the loan depend on the certain bank.

The company “Bravo Invest” maintains the partnership relations with Turkish “Denizkank” that leads active cooperation with “Sberbank of Russia”.

“Denizbank” is the leader in giving mortgage loans not only to the country residents but also to the foreigners on beneficial and affordable conditions.

The amount of loan depends on the cadastral value of the property that stated in property entitlement (TAPU) and the borrower’s income and it may equal 40 – 70% of the property value.

“Denizbank” gives loan

* For buying finished residential property – up to 70% of the acquiring property value

* For buying property under construction – up to 40% (in both cases it depends on an expert analysis)

A loan can be taken out

* In Euros or dollars (loan term: up to 10 years)

* In Rubles (loan term: up to 5 years)

Annual interest rate in “Denizbank” – 7.2%. The bank gives permission for a pre-scheduled repayment. In this case the commission charges are equal to 2% of the loan remaining amount.

In a term that is stated in the agreement the client pays off the loan debt monthly and uses the purchased property object without any limits.

In order to get a mortgage loan an applicant has to arrange the following documents that prove creditworthiness of a borrower:

* International passport of a Russian citizen

* National passport of a Russian citizen

* Proof of income (personal income tax certificate – for the employees working under contract, company documents - for the business owners)

* Bank account statement for the last 3 moths

* certificate (statement) from credit reference bureau

* In the presence of additional income the applicant has to provide the certain documents.

Once completed the mortgage loan application together with the other documents are being prepared in Turkey. All the documents have to be given to the certified interpreter for a translation followed by notary certification. Our company will give you professional assistance in taking out a loan in Turkish bank.