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As soon as the Purchaser chose the real estate object the company draws up the purchase contract or agreement.

The contract should compulsorily include:

1. Seller/Purchaser information (full address, contact number, e-mail address, first and last name),

2. Information about the property object which is considered to be the subject of the contract (residential area number, address etc.),

3. Full value of the property and payment schedule. When the contract is signed the Purchaser makes a pre-payment which equals up to 10% of the full value depending on the agreement between the actual owner and the Purchaser,

4. The contract identifies the penalty sanctions and the actions for the both parties in case the deal is void and also the penalty sanctions for a builder in case it did not meet the completion deadline if the object is a part of an investment project.

If the purchased property has furniture and home electronics the list of the things that included to the price has to be prepared.

To start processing the required documents for TAPU receiving you must bring:

* Three photographs (3x4 cm.) of the TAPU applicant,

* Passport copies,

* Name of parents of Purchaser (Mother and Father).

Is a layer required while processing the deal?

Usually the purchasers do not need lawyer services because the Turkish legislation reserves the rights of Purchasers. However, on request of a Purchaser the presence of a lawyer is optional in case all the lawyer services are paid.