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“A cheapskate pays twice.”

As a rule, all begins during your vacation time or the guided tour. You start to think how wonderful it would be to have an own corner of paradise on the sea shore where you can come and forget about everyday worries for the only purpose – to experience this sense of comfort which you cannot get enough while staying in the hotel and which you count on while planning your trip yet at home. When you have a walk the eye is involuntarily kept on the beautiful advertising signboards with the images of the luxury and regular property. These bright-colored signboards are distinguished from the huge mass of advertisement. It makes you desire to come to the agency and show your curiosity. .. “Curiosity is not a sin!” This moment the door opens and the person who offers to have a look at the special offers approaches you. Everything is interesting, indeed but how does he know Russian language so well…? You are becoming dizzy not only because of the number and variety of the offers but also because of their prices. 10 – 15 minutes conversation using such words as “Aidat” or “Tapu” and you muddleheaded come out holding these promotional leaflets. Undoubtedly the close look at it should be taken…

Your vacation is almost over, you come back home with an objective to study the procedure and particular aspects of buying the property in this country and all the hidden rocks both in property purchase and tenure. Luckily there are plenty of websites and forums where the information can be taken from. And then those unknown words no longer set the teeth on the edge and your wish to possess that corner of the paradise has not yet gone.

You start to work hard on studying the offers market from your home. There are lots of offers, the amount of attractive ones is a little bit less but they are still available! Long-awaited moment is coming, one or several property objects and the agency are chosen and you contact the real estate consultant and start to consider those objects on-line. The experienced consultant works hard on explaining the peculiarities of the object, area and infrastructure. Not only one day of communication goes by and sometimes even weeks. You contacted two or three companies and then the moment when decision is made, the object is chosen, you buy the ticket and you are going for the familiarization trip. There on the place you are checking different companies, they meet you, take you to the objects, you compare and choose. For sure this activity is interesting but the objective was to buy “the apartment of your dream”. And then the decision which may contradict the initial choice is being taken. You breathe some words about the purpose of the journey with the waiter at the restaurant. Five minutes later he comes to you and says that he is able to organize a property object show around, you make an appointment and in the morning you are already on the object place or in the office of another company about which you have never heard. You can be driven by different factors such as attraction of the offer, company service, attraction and trust towards the agent. Although if you go into the details the Real Estate agency is generally a simple set of things such as equipped office with the computing facilities, employees who represent the duties, documents, car.

So what drives the buyer who arrives to the place and purchases the property through the waiter, bath or beach attendant who is ready to bring him or her to the fly-by-night agency only for the commissions? What does the client while going through the doubtful buying and selling procedure count on? Probably he or she wants to save on the commissions and not to obtain the certificate of ownership, to save and spend more on the courts in order to defend the money? During the recent years the number of recourses made because of unfair business practice has been increased.

Respect and value your time and expense! Remember that the Russian popular saying “Let’s hope it works” might become a proverb “A cheapskate pays twice. A miser pays twice.” And do not forget about your goal! You wanted to experience the sense of comfort in your corner of paradise where you can come and forget about everyday worries, didn’t you?