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The flavor of "one-day" Alanya’s bazaars

Who expects from Alanya’s bazaars an extraordinary "Oriental Adventure" will be disappointed. But who came to learn Turkey from the inside, to see its unique flavor and originality, to feel real hospitality and friendliness of its inhabitants, will certainly get a lot of positive emotions from the spectacle.

Going to Turkey, almost every tourist is planning to visit the Oriental Bazaar. If the famous bazaars of Istanbul is a kind of vibrant tourist attraction, the bazaars of Alanya is primarily a meeting place for local farmers and local residents: first ones sell the harvest grown with their own hands, and the last ones (usually with a big bag on wheels) stock up on fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for the week. It is for a week because real farmer’s markets-bazaars (not far from the place where you live) are in Turkey once a week, in specific day and on the same place. And the other day they are in another place and in another district of the city. It can be a maze of streets, or a large area (like parking lots), where once a week, as if by magic, suddenly appears a real Bazaar with trading trays and shelves, with tents and stalls, with the aroma of spices and fresh pastries.

At the provincial Turkish Bazaar are not noisy, all talking is calm and quiet. Only occasionally you can hear the loud calls-tongue-twisters of sellers: "Boiron-Boiron-Boiron!" (Suggestion to step up and make a choice of the goods), and it only adds the flavor. Bazaar rages from the early morning until late at night, by the light of the lamps from the battery. And the next morning you will not find any traces of yesterday's "holiday" – everywhere is quiet, perfect cleanliness and order. Be sure to visit one of the "one-day" bazaar of Alanya! Get pleasure from the many fruit and vegetables, berries and greenery, aroma of spices, a huge selection of nuts and dried fruits, honey, cheese, sour cream, olives and olive oil... And don’t be shy that you don't know the Turkish language and most farmers do not know English. You can still arrange everything! Any product you will be definitely offered to try, or you can ask about it yourself, by pointing a finger and saying the magic word "test". Be sure to try the fragrant and very tasty gőzleme – is a thin burrito (with potatoes, cheese, egg, spinach) that is deftly rolled and baked on a huge pan right before your eyes.

The indigenous people of Turkey are very helpful and friendly in communication. And if unfamiliar Turks smile and tell you ‘Hello’ (on the street, in a shop, in a Bazaar) - this does not mean that they want to get something from you. It is just so ACCEPTED THERE! No one will have to pull your sleeve to their product and make resentful look, if you did not buy it. All is calm and friendly, unhurried and never lose self-esteem! And when you are not the first time in this vegetable-fruit holiday - you will be recognized, greeted with open smiles and asked: "Nasɪlsɪn?" (How are you?), then you will shake hands like old good friend.

The prices for vegetables and fruits (if you take less than 1-2 kg) are almost impossible to reduce down. And there is no need in it, as seasonal products’ prices are very low, they are written on paper and significantly lower than in grocery stores or fruit and vegetable shops. If it is no price, be sure to ask "Kaҫ para?" (How much is this?), haggle and ask for a discount - “indirim". In the part of the market where they sell clothes, shoes, belts, watches, souvenir, a bargain is essential! Here you are dealing with a professional seller. As a beginner (untanned or sunburned skin will instantly betray you) you will be given a friendly smile and the price pre-multiplying at least two or three times. Say, "Ҫok pahalɪ” (very expensive) and safely offer your price. On the "one-day" bazaars are not selling branded stuff. Properly bargaining, you can buy what you need quite inexpensive.

And one more thing. In Alanya has a daily fish market (balık bazarı). On this territory every Tuesday works a "one-day" bazaar. It's near Anadolu hastanesi (hospital Anadolu, the Anatolian hospital). You can get there by bus No. 2 or 202 (the stop is right in front of the gate of the market).

Inna Nedzelskaya

Good luck with your shopping and have fun!

A short guide to "one-day" bazaars in Alanya

Monday: Oba

Tuesday: Mahmutlar, Barış Caddesi and near streets

Wednesday: Konaklɪ, Kestel

Thursday: Avsallar, Tosmur

Friday: Center of Alanya (behind big LC Wakiki, there is the last stop of dolmuş buses)

Saturday: Mahmutlar near the City Hall (Belediye) and PTT post-office

Sunday: Center of Alanya, microdistrict Hacaret, Street of 35 meters (Yayla Yolu Cassesi)