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Sightseeing Alanya tour

Historically Alanya was an important port city, the Silk Road passed through it. That is why Alanya can be called a city-witnessed of many important historical events. Climb to the top of Alanya fortress and inhale the aroma of sea freshness and grandeur of the place, bearing the memory of centuries. Look around and you will see the Byzantine chapel, the famous Cleopatra Beach, the Red Tower, which is an outstanding monument to the Seljuk era. Having admired views of Alanya from the bird's flight, safely go to the stalactite cave Damlataş known for its healing properties, and find out what it is underground Alanya hidden from the other’s eyes.

Full of impressions, you can just take a relaxing walk along the cozy streets of Alanya, or go shopping at the mall and buy quality goods at very affordable prices.

Fishing picnic in Alanya

Go to the medieval Kervansaray Alarahan located on the extraordinarily beautiful river Alaraҫay with a unique turquoise color. And if you're a fan of fishing, then you are guaranteed to catch because a lot of trout in the river! Local chef will help you to cook your catch and serve it to the table. Fresh fish grilled in such a beautiful place undoubtedly will be the most delicious of all that you have ever tasted!

Dɪmҫay is one of the most unusual and popular recreation places for residents of Alanya

Dɪmҫay is incredibly picturesque valley, located 6 km away from Alanya towards Mahmutlar on a mountain river Dɪmҫay. The river originates in the highlands of Konya, which is about two hundred kilometers from falling into the Mediterranean Sea. The water in the river does not exceed 15-17 degrees even in the hottest summer months, there is no heat, the humidity is very moderate, and temperatures throughout the summer does not exceed 25 degrees, which explains so much popularity among the locals. Here you can relax from the summer heat, to pamper your body with pleasantly cool and a have great time with family and friends.

Also near the Dimҫay you should visit the second largest in Turkey Dim Cave and go to the dam to admire the magnificent exquisite reservoir surrounded by green hills.

In the 40s the river Dim played a large role in the economy of Alanya, as extensive banana plantations are irrigated only at the expense of the Dimҫay. Fresh water is still highly valued in Turkey, so all the reservoirs are carefully protected, and swimming in them is strictly prohibited.

Construction of large dams Dim finished recently in December 30, 2008. It is solved not only the problem of drinking water, but also to the supply of electricity.

Visit the observation deck, take a picture on the background of bright turquoise reservoir framed by pine-covered mountains, and appreciate the power of loud noise falling Mountain

River. Maybe you dare to climb higher along the dirt road to the mountains to see the panorama of the Dim valley.

It really captures the spirit of the dizzying views and crystal mountain air!

Dimҫay can be reached by the 10th bus, which goes from the center along the Çevre Yolu (where is Alanyum), or by a taxi, you just tell the driver "Dimҫay."


Convertible Safari especially for the guests of Alanya

The tour is ideal for everyone including families with children!

Here you will spend an unforgettable day in the open air and discover breathtaking views, lost between the ridges of the Taurus Mountains. During the tour you will not only enjoy the beautiful nature of these places (banana plantations, beautiful canyon with many waterfalls), but also learn a lot about Turkey, Alanya and its surroundings, lifestyle, culture and traditions.

And then go to the village Sapadere, where you will visit the workshop for the production of silk, you will see the old watermill and a mosque. Then your way will be passing through the granite and marble production factory, where you can witness the process of manufacturing these materials. And at the end of the tour you will go to the fragrant gardens with oranges, lemons, almonds, plum and pomegranate.

For the tour is specially prepared the one-storey and two-decked opened buses.

Your journey will be filmed in the professional video and photo camera, and you can purchase the recordings at the end of the tour, adding the vivid memories to your archive.


Pirate boat Tour

Pirate boat in the style of "Pirates of the Caribbean" will take you away in a fascinating world where you can enjoy the open sea of the Mediterranean, and experienced animators will organize fun contests. Pirate boat makes stops in beautiful bays, where is held the game “Treasure search” especially for kids. And then everyone will be able to swim in the crystal clear water and swim to shore. If you have no desire to go into the water, you will be taken to the by the boat.

And at the end of the trip you will become a member of entertainment foam show.


Where to book a tour:

Tour desk can be found at every corner. But we recommend you to purchase excursions from your tour operator at the hotel where you are staying, or if you want to save a little money, you can buy a tour in one of the travel agencies - preferably those that are located in the city center.