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Bektas. Rent.

The increasing popularity is gaining real estate is not on the coast and in the mountains near the sea shore. Bektaş - an excellent option for those who want to get the property in a mountainous area in the immediate vicinity of the sea and beaches. Villa in Bektaş save you from the noisy crowds of tourists and will give the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Turkey.
Own property in Bektaş is:
• The harmony and tranquility. Beautiful nature, a lot of forests, cozy place for family outings, clear air and silence - all you might need for a comfortable stay.
• Savings. A small distance from the sea reduces the cost of real estate Bektash compared with apartments overlooking the sea.
• Beauty. Highlands Bektash dominates the Alanya and offers a wonderful view of the city. At night, the lights of the city will enchant you, and with Bektash Park offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the whole Alanya.
• Comfort. Given the remoteness of some of the common civilization, in the construction of all infrastructure facilities Bektash more carefully thought out to ensure that each property owner.

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